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With close to , followers, Burrard-Lucas is one of the most followed wildlife photographers on Instagram. His "Camtraptions" have helped him to achieve beautiful wildlife images from very unique angles the latest of which includes incredible nighttime images of a highly-elusive black leopard in Kenya. One of my personal favourites, David Lloyd is a New Zealand born photographer that has taken some of the best African animal shots out there. He is particularly skilled at capturing portraits that help the viewer to really connect with the subject and prefers to shoot in black and white. For those based in the UK, look out for his photography workshops hosted by the British Wildlife Centre.

  • 10 North East Instagrammers who post incredible photos of our region
  • The 7 best SA landscape photographers to follow on Instagram
  • GROW your INSTAGRAM as a landscape photographer in 2020
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  • Finnish Photographer Captures The Most Otherworldly Night Pictures You’ll Ever See On Instagram
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  • #landscape and related hashtags

10 North East Instagrammers who post incredible photos of our region

Instagram is a great place to get inspiration for many types of photography, including landscape photography. With many talented photographers traveling all over the world, the most beautiful landscape pictures can be found on the medium. So browsing through the right accounts can give you some great ideas for your own photography. He is brilliant at shooting foggy scenes and creates imagery that looks surreal. Because he grew up in Utah he has always appreciated the diversity of landscape, which shows in his brilliant photos.

His photos are mainly dominated by a warm and orange color palette. Norwegian photographer Hans shows his wide range of mysterious pictures on his account. Excellent photography combined with amazing editing result in magical images. Benjamin Everest spent his life painting landscapes before he picked up a camera and turned that passion into a passion for landscape photography.

His fascination for the subtle border between perception and reality leads to dreamy images with a surreal touch. Definitely a very unique style.

From rocky landscapes to urban areas to dreamy beaches. Expect to find magnificent pictures from all over the world. Elia travels all year round, and luckily, she takes her camera with her.

Ready to go landscape shooting yourself? Check out our landscape photography tours. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. No Comments. The 5 Best Landscape Photography Instagram Accounts Find out where to get landscape photography inspiration Instagram is a great place to get inspiration for many types of photography, including landscape photography. Share this post!

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The 7 best SA landscape photographers to follow on Instagram

I am addicted to Instagram lately… And more specifically, I am addicted to finding and spending hours staring at beautiful photography of perfect beaches and that turquoise blue water found only in the Caribbean. The thing is, despite how many gorgeous, travel, beachy style photos there are, there somehow seems to be a lack of landscape photographers based directly in the Caribbean. A post shared by Anguilla Beaches anguillabeaches. Nori and Louise are a duo that have been running anguilla-beaches.

Make sure to follow him on TikTok, Instagram, and his website. David Thompson · David Thompson is a Nevada based photographer whose images cover much of the.

GROW your INSTAGRAM as a landscape photographer in 2020

Are you a fan of landscape photography? Are you looking for talented iPhone landscape photographers to follow on Instagram? So if you want to improve your own landscape photography by studying the work of the top iPhone photographers in their field, you should definitely follow these ten iPhone landscape photographers on Instagram. Eric Ward captures breathtaking photos of landscapes and nature, including sunsets , animals, forests, open fields and water. He grew up in Northwest Ohio, just outside Toledo. You can also learn more about how he takes such beautiful iPhone landscape photos in our Eric Ward interview. With more than , followers on Instagram, his feed is full of amazing green, rocky, watery and snowy landscapes.

This is the Highest Performing Instagram Picture Size

These local Instagrammers capture the North East like you've never seen it before. Sign up for free to get the latest North East news and updates delivered straight to your inbox. From Berwick to Saltburn-by-the-Sea, we're spoilt for choice when it comes to places to photograph in the North East. We've got the Angel of the North, two huge football grounds and miles of beautiful coastline on our doorstep. Eve takes lots of images of the glorious green Northumberland countryside on the back of her horse.

W ith more than million monthly active users, Instagram offers great opportunities for photographers to build an audience of dedicated fans. But convincing a million of those people to follow you is a feat generally reserved for superstars, brands and a handful of influencers.

Finnish Photographer Captures The Most Otherworldly Night Pictures You’ll Ever See On Instagram

Visiting Fellow Assoc. Nord Univeristy , Queensland University of Technology. Thanks to the increasing accessibility of technology, many of us will try to capture the grandeur of the natural world with our phone cameras. One of the attractions is sharing images on social media and publicly staking our claim to that experience. A quick glance at Instagram hashtags reveals over 90 million photos tagged landscape , around 50 million sunrise photos and over million tagged sunset.

The Creative Photographer

If you want more Instagram followers, consider posting mountains and forests. With million active users, Instagram has revolutionized the path to gaining notoriety for amateur and professional landscape photographers alike. By providing a free platform that distributes your photos on cell phones and desktops rather than at exhibitions and galleries, Instagram has created an unprecedented scale of interconnectivity between people who take, and view, photographs. Yet the secret to achieving expansive popularity as an Instagram photographer is difficult to uncover. Photo by Richard Gaston richardgaston. Could tapping into our affinity towards nature and urge to photograph it be a secret to Instagram success? We all see these majestic landscapes on our feeds—grand mountainscapes wreathed in mist, foamy electric blue tides curling onto burgundy-hued rock formations, and cliff-hanging medieval Italian villages overlooking a million sale boats.

The Best Instagram For Landscape Photography Belongs To A Year-Old. He says he's just a boy with a camera, but this German teen's photos.

#landscape and related hashtags

Specialising in creative and abstract nature photography, the Mumbai-based artist has explored the tides in his city, the coast of Maharashtra and sometimes the Himalaya to showcase the beauty of lesser-known creatures. A myriad of conflicting silhouettes and moods dot her Instagram feed—one that is equal parts quiet and amusing. Been waking to the most beautiful sunrises and ending the day with some relaxing sunsets Just love it. The Australian photographer has spent 35 years crafting a distinct style of shooting landscapes, and emphasises on fluid long exposures and Renaissance-style oversaturation.

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Simply copy and paste from this page or even better download our free guide to keep on your phone. Simply add them into the description of your post and watch your likes and followers grow! Hashtagging is essential for photographers because it helps categorize similar content and makes your work discoverable, which is why correctly hashtagged posts get much more engagement. Grab your free downloadable guide, that you can keep on your phone, at the bottom of this page. Seascape Photography - My Techniques. Spring Photography Ideas.

Instagram often comes in for a bit of stick due to some influencers overly curating their posts and creating false representations of the lives they lead.

And not to mention, the best Instagram accounts to learn photography by seeing how the pros do it. Our curated Instagram feed for photographers includes everything from creative photography Instagram to food photography Instagram. Chris Burkard is an American landscape photographer whose stunning photos have earned him a staggering 3. Burkard shoots his photos in a photojournalistic style which is part of what makes his photography so likeable to Instagram users. Burkard also got a mention in our post on the best sports photographers to follow , as he is also passionate about action sports and water sports which you can also check out on his account.

Landscape photography may not be the first niche that comes to mind when you think of photos on Instagram, but the vast array of styles, subtypes and endless options for locations make it a hugely popular genre. But how do you, as a professional, sift through it all, and how do you stand out on Instagram? In partnership with Feature Shoot , we compiled a list of the best hashtags to use.

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